Enjoy! Because life is too short to deprive the palate!


Why Hello There!

Good Evening to all my fellow foodies!

Before I jump right in with a dangerously delicious dish I thought I'd take a moment to say hello and welcome! This blog has been a while in the making, mainly due to the extreme difficulty in finding the perfect title. I do hope The Foodie Fix will do it justice but I would always welcome any input or creative assistance- as my future plans do include a catering company of sorts, a cookbook... perhaps a cooking show?! Hey, a girl can dream right?

All of the recipes I will be sharing come from an arsenal of various sources; if they are not entirely original they will most definitely include an important personal creative tweek or twist! I am always in search of the next palate pleaser and will surely pay dues to the foodie, professional, or domestic goddess who inspires the creation. So please, share! Send your favorites my way and if I make it I will gladly give the credit where it is deserved :]

One last thing, when I cook I tend to make my own measurements. With the exception of baking, my additives are always slightly different, the amounts eye-balled, and the sweet or the spice done to taste. Moral of the story: I will provide you with the teaspoons, the cups, and everything nice, but please, use your own palates!! If it needs more salt- sprinkle it in! If your tongue wants more bite, by all means indulge your taste buds! And of course, the opposite is also true; I am a rowdy fan of flavor. Garlic and I are best friends. If the heat is too much, don't worry I won't tell you to get out of the kitchen, but I will advise that you spice with discretion. When the time comes I'll be sure to appropriately label the especially wicked. You know, for those of you who weren't raised with trickster father's who fed them serranos and habaneros just for fun.

Bon Appetit! And Happy Cooking <3
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